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April 13th, 2007, 05:01
If hoe is a mean and hurtful word why isn't pimp? Why isn't "Pimp my Ride" singled out. Squeek, why is not nice to specifically call women names? I could infer from your implication that it is jim-dandy to call men names.

I agree margerette that it would be a better world if people were more polite and had more manners and common curtesy, and were more respectful of each other's feelings. But I will never see what Imus did as wrong or an error. WHat he messed up on was being sorry for saying a joke that ment absolutley nothing and had zero chance of hurting the feelings of a normal person.

He should've went on the attack and named his show the "Nappy-headed Hoe Show." And said Nappy Headed Hoe every minute, and also threw in other racial comments on every other group that came to mind. As soon as you say sorry you give the other side the right and give up all yours. Yes, thats a sad, sad truth of our current society, but its true. If it were Opie and Anthony thats what they would have done, and they would of been far more outragous than any of the people going after them.

They would've lost some sponsors and gained others, and would've came out on top in the end. And keep in mind, Imus made far worse racial comments in the past. And since CBS's/NBC's policy was never applied consistently, he could've sued for damages if fired. Ask anyone that had a union job, if every day Bill makes racial slurs and never gets in trouble, regardless of the policy, they can't make an example out of Bill. They have to notify everyone of the policy will be enforced and that it will start being enforced.

So if his other racial comments didn't even merrit a warning, how could his employers have set a clear expectation for his joking? If anything they seemed to have supported it.

But of course, if Immus pushes that now and tries to sue the corps for a wrongful firing he has no ammo since he appologized. He admitted he was wrong and the fake harm, etc. He screwed himself by his actions after the harmless statement.

The core point is he didn't do anything wrong. Regardless of how much you disagree with what he said or how offensive you feel it is, him being fired is a blow to free speach. Limiting our speach with hypocritcal standards and siding with that just leads us down a slippery slope no one that actually believes in freedom should want to go down.

And I'll never disagree with you about the name calling/physical abuse craziness. Under no rational or logical standard can the two be compared. And I ask the people that are saying this to remember this during the up coming election or the next time you talk behind someones back, because remember, the names you call the person is equal to smashing them in the face with a tire-iron.
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