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April 13th, 2007, 08:32
roqua, we could go on like this forever and it's interesting, but you reason like a politician and I'm not devious enough for it. I'll just hit the first & last paragraphs of your last post because it's late and I'm old.
Why is Hoe(=whore) demeaning and Pimp isn't? The Pimp is the winner in the situation, the controller and the person making the money. Being a pimp is glamorous, being a whore is not (unless you're Anna Nicole—and that's debatable.) Being a dawg is something other men may envy. being a whore is something most women would like to avoid. If you can't tell the difference, start peddling your own butt for a nickle bag and giving the proceeds to someone who beats you and see if you still think it's just a silly little meaningless term.

AFA as the tire iron vs namecalling, I take it this is irony on your part.

A child that's physically abused has a hell of a life and grows up warped. A child that is never physically abused, but is emotionally and verbally abused, has a hell of a life and grows up warped. They are equally damaging up to the point of death. When you kill someone, you have gone further than namecalling—though namecalling can drive people to take their own lives and other's lives as well.

peace out

Jump in anytime! That's called freedom of speech.

Where there's smoke, there's mirrors.
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