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April 13th, 2007, 15:45
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Logic *has* to be enough or we are living in a lawless, mob rule state - which is *exactly* what has happened. This isn't about making sense, using logic, or applying standards - it is a race riot created by the biggest racist group we have today - the people like Sharpton & Jackson, stirring up problems once again where there is very little problem.

Look - it is simple, there are either equal rights or there are not; words either mean something or they don't. If a white person using the 'N-word' would cause a furor but a black person would not, then there is a problem - there is no equality. Black people and other minorities get special rights and treatment in an attempt to compensate for our shame over slavery and other mistreatments of history. That is not equality.

I agree 100%. There is no one alive today that was a slave or who owned slaves, yet that certain group of people seems to be under the impression that we owe them something for things that happened over 100 years ago.
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