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April 13th, 2007, 23:02
Oh boy. Don't even get me started on the whole "slavery was so long ago, it really doesn't matter anymore." If you honestly believe that slavery has no bearing on the state of the African American community today, you need a serious history lesson. It was only 150 years ago, which in the context of human history is a drop in the bucket. The ramifications of something as serious as whole-sale slavery and subsequent severe discrimination, both based almost strictly on race, last for a very, very long time. Thinking otherwise is just plain ignorance. The details on how best to progress and heal from that are certainly debatable. The fact that it still plays a big role in African American's lives and how they relate to the country's almost exclusively white power structure is not. At all.

On a different subject, you "let-the-free-market-decide", "we-don't-need-regulations-society-will-manage-itself" types always make me laugh. Everything is regulated, to some extent. Any society that agrees to rise above rampant anarchy implicitly agrees to some level regulation in the form of law. There is no such thing in our country as purely self-regulating systems, social or economic, of any significance. Therefore, the argument that "free speech is either applied across the board with no restriction or not at all" is naive, at best. The real argument is to what extent free speech, or any other cornerstone of our American system of society and government, should be regulated. So, pretty much all the questions you raise in an attempt to make it seem that you must either reject all of them or live in some sort of tyrannical state are actually the exact questions that we have an obligation as a democracy to tackle, not run away from. Laws and governing are complicated and messy and hard, yes, but necessary. I'm sorry, but you simply can't brush it all away with a wave of your hand and an implication that if it's not all one way, it's unworkable. That point of view is just plain fantasy-land.
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