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April 15th, 2007, 07:03
I kind of felt that NWN2 almost forces the AI mode on you, and I was playing a caster. Most of the time I was tweaking the NPC settings(spells on /spells off-(no other real difference in the spell settings between fry and super-fry) or right-clicking and hollering at them all the time: follow me/stand still/guard me…it was absolutely THE most irritating party control I've ever played, and many times I just gave up and used the AI until some suicidal move forced me to manually control someone. (Of course, I played the game anyway and enjoyed it in a masochistic way. )

So to answer Cormac's conjecture, maybe that is what some people want, because it's easier than the alternative— if you can ignore the fact that you aren't in charge of your party. The game flows along and you are basically a passenger riding from cinematic cutscene to cinematic cutscene. Renting a movie would be a lot cheaper, though.

I'm not a fan per se of the IE, so I can't mount much of a spirited defense, but it did allow some rudimentary party control.
As to anything strategic in the IE engine combat, I can only say retrospectively it's better than it's NWN/NWN2 incarnation. I played mainly spellcasters and clerics, so the waiting and cueing up rt/pause thing worked okay for me.

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