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April 17th, 2007, 10:06
nappy headed-racist

the 2nd is the much bigger 'error' here. had he just called them hoes or some other non-racial term no one would have noticed (a crime in itself). but he used nappy headed which is clearly racist and a term used more by whites than blacks unlike the term hoes. as i said before the larger problem in this case is the non-shalant attitude of sexist remarks which are even expressed by the average joe sports fan. they're(women) a much smaller percentage of semi-professional/professional athletes and they usually have to overcome all kinds of stereotypes and harrasment to get where they are: not as good as a man, or they're so good they 'are a man'(derogatory). my brother and all the friends i've ever known who have been avid sports friends all take women's sports as a joke, unless its a 'fashion show'. when i played intramurals in college it was the women on my team who not only usually had more 'heart' but they were often times better. imus's racial 'slur' may have had no malice, but his sexually degrading mark certainly intended to express his opinion of females as 2nd class athletes/citizens. personally anyone who is coward enough to "rag" on female athletes for any reason deserves to be kicked in the nuts at the very least. even though for the most part american women have gained a much bigger 'slice of the pie' the playing field is still far from equal and that doesn't even take into account the world where women are easily still the largest minority in voice and power.
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