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April 24th, 2007, 12:08
I know I'm new here still, but I gotta say, you guys can hold quite a debate!

Guess I might as well pipe in.

On the topic of slavery; I guess I think about it like this: How long do you keep paying back an entire race for something as horrible as slavery? Am I really accountable for the horrors my ancestors and fore fathers carried out?

I'm not as naive as to think that it doesn't have an effect and ripples still today, but hasn't the last 150 years shown a good deal of improvement in that regard? Like you said, 150 years is nothing to history, but haven't the changes been all that much better then? I can't say I have an inside perspective though, I live in a very tolerant town, I even have 'minority' friends who make racist jokes with me all the time, we know it's not anything serious ( though the slavery jokes they made still made me feel bad, damn conscience )

And I guess I'd have to direct the same train of thought to Curious about sexism, though again I don't have inside perspective, coming from a home where my mother raised me on her own, I have alot of respect for women, but I know the world doesn't think like I do

I guess all I can say is that I hope people keep breaking off from their former generation's mindset, and the world keeps going in the direction it would seem to be, though I'm not an optimist, that sort of change takes much, much time, all we can do is hope our action's have a ripple effect on the next generation.

More on free speech: I think what happened with Imus does show we have not only double standards, but also a sort of "law" beyond the constitution, he was well within his rights to say what he did ( not saying what he said was tasteful, or I like shock jocks), but pressure from society quickly became great, and his employers cut him from the company like a tumor once he became the center of the negative media.

That's from that free market, those listeners piped in about how they felt, and they effectively got him fired, I'm sorry, but I think free speech is great, there's always way's of going around it, like that, so there are atleast sometimes checks and balances.

Chaos from all this Order we've instilled, got to love the constitution
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