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April 28th, 2007, 00:31
Been a bit busy for a while…. but can't resist…

First off, @roqua, the parts of your post praising immigrants and pointing out that we'd all do ourselves a favor to learn from their example is good stuff. Couldn't agree more.

Originally Posted by roqua View Post
Now, Chamr. If we break things down into a bell-curve, like it is, and on one end we put Pat Robinson, and on the other Michael Moore, you have to, as a reasonable person, see that there are extremists on both sides, as you said. But, the far-right extremists have no traction, no platform. No one knows what crazy nonsense Pat Robinson is talking about or is condeming. The people that represent the right are far more moderate, where the left is controlled by extremists. So, 2.5% of the population represents a whole half of the curve on the left side, where as on the other side the people representing the curve are part of the curve. The people on the extreme right still vote for them, but thats because they have no one that anyone will listen to representing them.
Sorry, but this is your unsubstantiated opinion. This is a classic "cry wolf" tactic of the right to claim that the media is on the left's side. In reality, the real friction is that conservatives, in general, don't like change and long for the ways of the past whereas journalists are constantly prodding and poking and dredging things up that often highlight inequities and conflicts which, in turn, often contributes to progressive change, just the kind of change conservatives hate. This is the nature of journalism, not any collusion with the left wing, as the right would so love you to believe.

In addition, in case you haven't noticed, big corporations have gobbled up just about every major news outlet. This has resulted in a well documented turn to the middle, and some cases, the right in mass media.

Lastly, why cry for Buchanan and O'Rielly? Don't/Didn't they have their own nationally broadcast TV shows not to mention other outlets such as syndicated columns both on-line and in print? In fact, the right even has it's own news network now in Fox. I hardly think conservatives are underrepresented in the media.

Originally Posted by roqua View Post
O'Rielly is far from being a far-right winger. He is far more moderate, if for no other reasons then its for ratings, to represent the views of a much, much larger chunk of the population.
This is subjective. While I don't think O'Rielly is a pure-right-wing-nut-job, the dude's solidly conservative and is riding the wave of the right turn in the media I mentioned above.

Originally Posted by roqua View Post
Why Jesse and Sharpton (I like Sharpton for entertainment purposes) are such bottom feeders is an issue of traction. They get national attention whereas Pat B's e-mail gets crap. Only one side is being fairly represented. And the other side is being controlled by people that it shouldn't.

Sharpton and Jesse are doing what they should be doing, same as Pat Robinson, but only one side has any traction, and neither side should have national attention.
Please see above.

Now, on to JDR13…

Originally Posted by JDR13
You're welcome to your opinion, but that statement is a load of crap. Not everyone else in the game would go so far as to cost a radio jock his job over a stupid insult that was not premeditated or used in a malicious manner.
Remember, this guy is a 'shock jock' after all. At the same time, you have black rappers and comedians who say the exact same things on a daily basis with no issue whatsoever.
Here we go again… Hmmmm, last I checked, Imus didn't work for Jesse and Al. He worked for MSNBC and CBS. They fired him. And from all reports I read, it wasn't because the boards got together and said, "hey, ya know what? that Jesse and that Al guy are right. Let's fire him!". It was because they were receiving pressure from advertisers, their own staff, and other figures with power. If you're claiming that all these people didn't know what to think about the subject until Al and Jesse told them, you're operating in a different reality than me.

Originally Posted by JDR13
Sharpton and Jackson called the comments "abominable" and "sexist", but why are those words only abominable and sexist to Al and Jesse when spoken by a white man?
Do you have proof that Al and Jesse approve of these terms when used by rappers? Hmmm? Didn't think so. In fact, I do believe (not 100% sure) they've made several speeches asking black performers to clean up their act and avoid being so derogatory to women and blacks.
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