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April 28th, 2007, 02:24
I couldn't disagree more. And Fox has hands down the best guests. Juan Wlliams, Dick Morris, these are my type of people. Dick Morris is a political genius. Watch him on Hannity And Colmes, they both have to agree with him because he doesn't see things from a perosnal perspective, he sees it from a national perspective. He doesn't look at the American People, he looks at the American voter. He sees the big picture, and not his norrow, slanded view of the picture.

And I've seen Juan, being the only D on a show with 2-4 others, just run circles around them without once spouting a party talking point.

And you are 100% wrong about O'Rielly. He's in it for himself. His agenda is the one that will get him more ratings. Look at the curve, the biggest chunk of the population is what he's going for. You will never see him say anything too outlandish, or take a solid stance that isn't a popular stance.

Now, lets look at this objectively. On one side you have Howard Dean and Michael Moore, on the other Pat Robertson. Who is the media kinder to?

I watch Fox News because I want both sides. Even on O"rielly I get t far more than watching any other news station. I don't want one side. I want the best of boths side's views, so I have more people to disagree with.

I will never agree with popular opinion, and the side I take in almost every arguement is the opposite side of the person I'm argueing takes. I think everyone is wrong (including me, because no one is right), and the extremes of both sides are just out to take peoples freedoms and force them into following their program. My narrative is freedom. And at this point in time the left isn't the one supporting that.

I voted for nadar in 00 because he was the only candadite that was honest in my opinion. He really wants to serve the public. I disgree with him on about every topic you could name, but I respect the hell out of him. In 04 I voted for Bendarick, I respect him and agree with him on most topics, especially involving freedom, so it just made sense.

I truelly believe people that pick a side get blinded. The don't know what their platform is, they just know they hate everyone who doesn't have the d or r they are loking for in front of their names. Its a stupid way to see things.

Look at any political show, besides the few people not blinded by party affilitation, like Williams and Morris, the rest just spout party talking points.

There 100% is a media bias. If you were a hard core conservative in the 50's you would have said the same about McCarthyism. If Dean or Moore were on the right the media would pick them apart, just like they do with Ann Coulter. Ann Coulter can barley open her mouth before every journalist in the nation is ready to pounce. Both sides definitely don't have an equal platform. And if you think fox is pure conservative you are insane. The far right has no traction with fox, or anyone, because they are insane. The only insanity permitted and accepted in this country is the insanity of the far left, who controls the left somehow. Pat B has to constantly lie or hold back his real oppinion in order not to be torn to pieces, the left can just let go and its okay.
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