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April 28th, 2007, 04:27
I definitely see fox as a conservative station, just not far right wing. They are as conservative as other sites are liberal. The key difference is quests. Fox has guests from the left that are tier 1. They hold their own. I get the best from both sides. The more perspectives I get, the more able, and educated an opinion I can form. And the opinions I form are usually never the ones either side is preaching.

It s a matter of perspective. I lot of europeans see very little differnce between Democrats and Republicans. The bell curve in France is scewed to the left, and even more so in Holland. Their left is far more left than ours, their right is far more left.

Don't disagree he's in it for numero uno, but I'll repeat: I don't think he's a far right wing nut, but he's solidly conservative. Are you saying he's a centrist? 'Cause that's just crazy talk…
I agree. What I am saying is he could actually be far more conservative, or far more liberal, but it doesn't matter. What matters is what he presents as his public disposition, and that a position of a moderate.

If you really mean Pat Robertson rather than Pat Buchanan, then I'm perfectly comfortable with the media treating Pat Robertson more harshly because the guy is flat out crazy! Didn't he just say a few months ago that AIDS was God's judgment on gays? Nice. Thanks, Pat, but I'll be skipping any worship of that particular God.
I agree, but what you aren't seeing is that he is the far right. He represents a small, crazy part of the population. The people on the far right and close to the far right, see the stuff the extreme left spouts as just as crazy. I see both sides eaqually as crazy. They both spout a bunch of unjustifiable and crazy nonsense. They are both blind and utterly insane. Beyond reasoning. Cultists. Zeolots. They closer you are to eaither side, the more willing you are to accept their propaganda.

Huh? Based on what? The Imus affair? Methinks you're stretching that a bit far…
Not just that, a million examples. They want to use the hudical branch to force their agenda. They want to make everything a civil rights issue to by pass the legislative branch. They want to put their agenda into law, and are a lot closer to it than the far right will ever be.

A guy in Boston, who was cleaning windows on a scafold, was attacked by a pigeon and killed it. He was fired and arrested for doing that, because rich, crazy white people run Boston. I could go on all day quoting examples and issues. Maybe its just a matter of geography. Now, when I visted amsterdam I never felt more free, and that is far more socialist than here. But the left here do not love freedom like the people in AMsterdam, they are puritans that want to force an agenda and thier way of life on you. While in amsterdam it was much more an open and relaxed atmosphere. Thats how you do it. Live and let live.

Ann's an absolute idiot and deserves any thrashing she gets, all politics aside. She peddles trash and divisiveness and has nothing useful, or even remotely factual to say. She's as about as cynical an opportunist as you can have. She's found a hateful and baseless little money and fame making niche and she's milking it for all it's worth. I can't believe you feel sorry for her.

She gets it while her eqivalents on the left get a free ride and the right to say just as inflamatory things to just as many people that take offense and disagree. This really articulates that you see things skewed. You don't like her so it's fair. This same thing could be said to far more people on the left, except they don't get reamed by the media, because the media agrees with them.

I'm afraid this borders a bit on paranoia. There is no oppression of the great, unheard yet reasonable conservative masses in this nation. I'm not sure what you think the "insane liberals" are running, but as far as I can see it ain't much more than a few biodiesal VW eurovans, Co-Ops and fading communes. Nobody is talking about the power of the "insane liberal lobby". All the media accounts I hear and read are about the voting power of soccer mom's, NASCAR dad's and mega church congregations. Hardly sounds like a liberal crowd to me…
There definitely is. You really are seeing things skewed. If the same government control were put on the Iraq war as the coverage of WWII, the public perception of the war would be very different. How can my friends (all democrats) that served over in Iraq, disagree with everything the media states or covered that they had first hand knowledge or took part in the events of? Why does the soldier's story get unheard and overlooked, or discredited? Unless people think soldiers are too stupid to know anything. I love that most of my friends now know to distrust the media and sees they have an agenda.

Name another major right-leaning outlet besides fox? You can't. There isn't one. Out of all the options, there is one right-leaning one. That means people are getting spoon fed an news by people with agendas, and mostkly aren't getting any side of the story but one.

You know the verbage used, the context used, has an impact on peoples perception.

Like that Nazi guy said, "Say any lie loud enough, and long enough, and people will believe it."

What happened to free thinking and being actually open minded? People have their mind made up before they even hear a speaker, read a story or view an article now. They just sop up what they are trained to believe and discard the rest. People are more sheep like than ever. Zombie cult memebers incapable of seeing that everyone's opinion is valid, and having a different opinion doesn't make you bad or evil. EVeryone is wrong, and everyone is right. Stop trying to make others conform to agendas and your opinion, and just enjoy and love diversity of opinion (not you, everyone).
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