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May 2nd, 2007, 13:56
When you look at what impacts what in terms of chemistry, it is really impossible for rational people to believe that the amount of noxious gases we continuously pump into the environment cannot have some impact. Seriously, this is just like all of those companies taking the 'dilute away the impact' theory to the extreme of dumping all kinds of crap into rivers and expecting that it would all be diluted into harmlessness.

My basic thought on this is the bottom-line common sense rule - would a reasonable person think that there is a negative impact of certain activities? That goes for personal health as well as environmental health. Is it reasonable to think that smoking had no impact after it was declared hazardous in the 60's? No, but people who had a vested interest in believing that it was benign chose to believe the bad science that let them keep smoking or marketing to kids. Same is true here - we pump poison into the air and cut down acres of forests and expect no impact? There is very likely a cyclical aspect to nature, but that is a 'dog ate my homework' excuse.

— Mike
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