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May 2nd, 2007, 16:24
There can't be much doubt anymore that we're, pardon my French, screwing ourselves up the ***. This has been known for quite a few years: You only need basic chemistry lessons to realize the magnitude of the damage our ozone layer is taking from all the pollution the human race is pouring out as we speak.

The ozone layer is capable of repairing itself, but not nearly fast enough to cope with our pollution. We're getting bigger and bigger holes in the layer, and once the layer is thin enough, we'll not only see the dramatic climate changes we've seen so far, but also a huge increase in the number of people affected by skin diseases (cancer and similar).

All in all this is a race against time - if we can stop polluting before the ozone layer has reached a point of no return, we're saved. If not, we're screwed. Even if we are capable of coping with the climate changes, the melting polar regions and so on, we won't be able to cope with the increase in UV rays that is incoming. Certainly, humans can run around with sunblock 2000 on at all times, but the ecosystem can't, and once that is shot.. and we're on top of a food chain that is no more.. we're doomed.

Yes, I know I sound a tad negative about all of this, but I really have no faith in anyone being able to turn this. It's been known for so long, but only recently anyone started to care about the environment. You can't shut down pollution in a heartbeat and expect the planet to restore itself - in general, the planet evolves over centuries and millenniums, not days or weeks.

We need to act right now or tomorrows generation will have drought, lack of food and a ruined ecosystem. We don't want that for our children, do we?
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