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May 3rd, 2007, 03:33
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I'm ready to accept that global warming is really happening and that it's probably an effect of industrialization. I'm just not thrilled with the solutions being advocated.

If I'm understanding it right, the US and its allies are supposed take a big financial hit while other countries all over the world start experimenting with nuclear energy. No thanks.

There are alternative energy sources being developed now, but they all depend on a strong US economy to move ahead and eventually compete with fossil fuel. Hurting ourselves economically will make those solutions less likely to mature or succeed and will make alternatives like nuclear power inevitable.
Well, I think that your country could save a couple billions here and there if it would bury its global domination fantasies or whatever you want to call it and if it would focus more on life preserving issues instead of the destruction of lives . Anyway, if only a fraction of the money spent on the military and missile defense systems would be invested in the research of alternative energies, we'd probably make some real progress in that area really fast.

Also, the argument of "cost" of alternative energies in general is a very short-sighted one if you neglect to factor in the cost (of possibly human lives and definitely cash) of the consequences of global warming.
The costs of the relocation of coastal cities, the damages caused by mega hurricanes and floods or droughts and other environmental catastrophes will exceed the investments in alternative energy sources by a factor beyond our imagination.

The economy doesn't even have to suffer. No one is suggesting to turn off power plants over night. What everyone is talking about is a long term plan (over several decades, not just a few years) to slowly phase out the sources of high CO2 emission and to replace them with alternative, renewable energy sources. This process is going to affect the economies of all Western nations much less than the consequences that are expected from further global temperature increases.
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