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May 6th, 2007, 02:55
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Do you honestly think it would have made a difference? .
It would have made a difference to me.

If you had been in this country at the time, ISS, you wouldn't have believed the emotions. And that is the best time to manipulate people. Somehow though the karma comes home to roost. There's not a Republican politician in the country who doesn't feel about Bush the way the Dems did about Bill Clinton after the Monica circus. Some of the analysts on PBS(Public TV) were remarking on how none of the candidates at the Republican debate had the stones to even mention the 'B' word.

It says a lot that a professional cynic/aging hippie like myself can still be shocked by knowing without a shadow of a doubt that we were blatantly lied to from the day after the attack, and that the sons and husbands of women all around me have died, been blown up, had various body parts destroyed…because of one man's personal agenda. I worked with two young guys who had done tours in Iraq—one of them has just been sent back. They are not evil war-mongers, just in the National Guard for college money. They seem…unbelievably young, I guess, to me, to have to deal with what they are dealing with. For a lie, a personal vendetta, a profiteering scam, while the old men sit home safe and make the money…

I guess some part of my mind had taken in the WMD argument flaws, but it just didn't penetrate the brainwashing of the time 'til I heard Tenet.

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