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May 6th, 2007, 03:54
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The US government wanted this war - reasons are pretty obvious. It's what all governments do - they manipulate people.
That's right. That's what governments do if they can get away with it. I'll never understand why, really. Government could do so much good.

I think Bush wanted to do the right thing. From his point of view, Sadam deserved to be captured and put on trial. We all know what a bad guy Sadam was, and let's not forget that he violated the terms of surrender in the first Gulf War, shot missles at US jets that patrolled his border, and plotted to assassinate a former US President (Bush's own father).

Iraqi expatriates living over here assurred everyone that the Iraqi people aren't fools. They pointed out how well-educated Iraqis are and how they would never get caught up in religious extremism, how they would welcome a chance at democracy and freedom.

I think Bush saw his chance and took it. To get away with it, he had to manipulate some people into believing there was just cause. And that's what governments do.
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