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May 31st, 2007, 11:05
i listened to the podcast today at work. Thought it was interesting, all this careful wording and such regarding the morality of slaying of a bunch of below-average-height 3d models. Kinda amusing in a way, the dread seriousness that it's approached as some sort of heavy moral question. In the end it's like he said (and Im paraphrasing) "Killing Little Sisters is not what this game is about", so I respect that. Make the game however you want, man. Youre the one that has to sell it, not me. Youre the one that'll have to potentially deal with a bunch of bullshit from people over it, not me.

..even tho a core part of the game does sound like it's about harvesting the genetic mat'l from the little curmudgeons, which does sound like it does indeed destroy them… tastefully and respectfully, mind you. Excuse me while I lol

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