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June 11th, 2007, 19:17
I voted the same way as you, titus. My personal vote went to Yves Leterme/Frieda Brepoels for the senate and Inge Vervotte/ Bart De Wever for the Chamber. And like you, I want to see a difference in governement. About the Cordon against Vlaams Belang: that I knew when I voted for CD&V/NVA. You forget the Union ACV which plays an important role in CD&V. I hope for a orange-blue governement with lijst DD.

@Corwin: It depends on what you call hostile, but there are disturbances in Belgium too off course. But I don't laugh with another person trying to speak the other language. (Unless it's offcourse 'strikske', the chairman of the PS Frenchspeaking and thinking he can become premier with only two words of Dutch.)

so very, very tired (Star Trek XI quote according to the Simpsons)
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