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June 16th, 2007, 04:13
So what happens when everyone has their little piece of radioactive security from the U.S.?
They all suddenly learn to peacefully co-exist? I would say"If you want to visit Tel Aviv, Come Soon—Very Soon."

Frankly, I doubt that the U.S is going to be invading anybody again for a long time. Our army is stretched too thin to even keep order in the capitol of a single country.So where are the troops and money coming from to "invade" Iran, Palestine, Gaza, etc.? IMO if Bush had the capability to wipe out all opposition in Iraq it would already be done. The best he can do is provide a set of American and Iraqi targets for the insurrectionists to resist, which only serves to focus their forces and inspire more violence.

No, people in the U.S. are frankly PISSED OFF right now. Approval rating of our government, our president, the war, and our newly elected democratic congress, hovers below 30-40%. We are more likely to be storming Washington DC with pots of boiling tar and wagons of feathers than sending our young men over to be blown into pieces by religious fanatics so some politicians can get richer.\end rant.

I think it's been too long since Hiroshima, the Holocaust and WWII for many of the people in countries so rife with discord to realize what they're actually getting into.

But I agree that it's too late to stop proliferation now—it's completely out of anyone's control. I can think of only one thing that would do it: global thermonuclear war….which kind of defeats the point…

Where there's smoke, there's mirrors.
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