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June 16th, 2007, 15:48
@cptmaxon — I can understand that. I used to think so too, once.

However, after seeing it up close from the other side for a few years, these distinctions tend to blur, and I don't see any moral difference any more between dropping a bomb on a building from a distance or blowing up the building with a suicide truck bomb. I can either declare both unacceptable, or neither.

One man's terrorist is another one's freedom fighter, and I can no longer see which is which. Last summer, my wife lost a childhood friend to a missile fired from an unmanned Israeli aircraft. The day before yesterday, she lost a childhood friend to a car bomb planted (presumably) by the Syrians. Both are equally dead, and the grief and anger are equally strong.

What then? Same ol', same ol'. There won't be an Armageddon that'll settle things once and for all, just a steady drip-drip-drip of blood and cordite. Those who can, will leave the region. Some will take the blood and cordite with them, and bring the war to us.

Perhaps war is the natural state of humanity. There's certainly been more war than peace over human history.
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