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June 16th, 2007, 18:11
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that America doesn't elect Ron Paul, John Edwards, or Barack Obama. Anyone else is cool with us anti-Americans.

But "Iran's days are numbered?" Get real. Can't you see the way Ahmadinejad the Bearded Monkey is strutting around pointing at his chin and going "Punch me! Punch me! G'wan! I dare ya!" The Iranians are sick and tired of the mullahs, but they will rally around the flag — and Iran is more than capable of repelling any attack America can muster at this time (short of a nuclear one, of course), while causing any amount of mayhem anywhere else in the world. Politically and militarily, the US is too weak for a full-on invasion, so the best they can do is a symbolic bombing run — too weak to put a serious dent in the Iranian nuclear program, but just showy enough to give Iran the excuse to destroy what's left of American power in the region.

Ahmadinejad has been put in a total win-win situation: America delivered Iraq to him on a silver platter, as long as they keep posturing he can be the glorious defender of God and the fatherland, *and* he's just *itching* for a chance to try some of those nice Silkworm clones on the wonderful fleet of Yankee ducks sitting on that pond of a gulf right there. All he needs is an excuse, like an unprovoked attack.

Did you know that during naval exercises a year before the Iraq invasion, opfor (playing as Iran, with Iranian assets and tactics) sank two thirds of the US surface fleet within hours? The exercise was halted and the fleet was "re-floated." I bet that'll work great in real life.

Again, I'm sorta hoping they'll do it. It'll be a great show, and the Persian Gulf sharks could use a couple of solid meals of beef-eating American sailors.
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