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June 16th, 2007, 20:42
I think a nuclear strike would certainly be on the table if Iran openly displayed that it had nuclear weapons and was willing to use them.

I don't think a Naval exercise has much relevance when if America did decide to do a full invasion against a country like Iran if would be a full strike involving a huge amount of air power with support from Israel. Iran would be bombed back into the stone age within a few days.

Iran has an extremely outdated supply of weaponry, their air defence while much greater than Iraq's is till based on aging technology like HAWK TMD's. During the invasion of Iraq not a single one of these downed an American aircraft. It's fighter craft consist on mostly craft that saw service in the 1960's like the F4 with completely outdated avionic systems. A single Israeli F16 could probably ground half of their airforce.

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