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June 16th, 2007, 21:49
Prime Junta > You're saying it's the same for the victims. There is a big difference between suicide bombing and targeted air-strikes though. The only thing that is the same is that people die. There are significant differences though. Like cpt mentioned, most military armies won't engage to hurt as many civilians as possible. They will try to minimize civilian casualties and maximize military and/or fighter ones. Instead of doing that, suicide bombers try to kill as many civilians as possible.
You talked about Lebanon. Soldiers of a certain country can easily be identified through their uniforms (that's how war used to be fought : The Reds, English, fought the Blues, French….). Terrorists however don't wear uniforms, you can't discern (I don't know if this is the correct word) between fighters and non-fighters, so even when the military does try to minimize civilian casualties, mistakes (or more mistakes, I should say) will be made because of the problem of identification.

Again, I'm sorta hoping they'll do it. It'll be a great show, and the Persian Gulf sharks could use a couple of solid meals of beef-eating American sailors.
And you think seeing people die is a show ? You're either a psychopath or a child who watched too many movies and thinks people who die will play in the next movie.

The only thing I believe you are right is saying that Ahmadenijad is in a win-win situation, except that he could also be killed in a coup.
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