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June 16th, 2007, 21:54
Iran is not a problem, presently. People should be more concerned with China, but thats another topic…

I think that we should all accept the fact that Iran will have nuclear power. We should even help them along to 1) make sure they don't screw it up and 2) keep an eye on it. Seriously, if we just sent a team to assist them in creating nuclear power plants both parties would realize, "Hey, maybe these guys aren't so bad after all…"

Terrorism. Well, I'm not going to be strapping a bomb to myself but I understand the motivations. It's not just Islam. It's everybody. A majority of people are just plain stupid and are easily brainwashed into an extreme such as killing people in the name of god. PJ is right, they are just using the weapons available to them. Even if they kill/target civilians it doesn't matter in their eyes because to them the innocent are sent to heaven and the evil are smote; it's the will of god because somebody told them it is. Also, if America were to be invaded don't you think we'd fight tooth and nail to protect our homes? Thats a good reason for the second amendment, the right to bear arms.

And finally, as a "Beef-eating American sailor" I'd like to point out that to my knowledge that exercise was never canceled. It was a played out and assessed. The USN does have a lot of fucktards but that doesn't mean the people in charge are going to deny the obvious truth that they got slaughtered in the exercise. If they didn't want to be ready for a confrontation they wouldn't have bothered with the exercise. Instead they allowed themselves the opportunity to learn new tactics before a possible confrontation.
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