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Default of Iran and nuclear weapons

June 17th, 2007, 00:07
@cptmaxon — "fanatics with nuclear weapons," eh? Hell, we've had fanatics with nuclear weapons for fifty years. Stalin was a fanatic, he had nukes (and Khruschev was pretty scary too). A couple of US presidents would easily qualify for fanatic status too, the current one for example. They haven't used their nukes.

Things will only get really ugly if non-state actors will get hold of nukes, 'cuz they're the only ones who can actually use one and get away with it (especially if they don't mind dying). If you want to worry about nukes, worry about the ones in Pakistan — that regime is very, very wobbly, and the next in line for power is the Taliban. Now, *those* guys I wouldn't trust with the Bomb.

But any state that knows it's facing retaliation in kind will not use a nuke. States may act in completely delusional ways, as I'm sure all of us know, but they are not knowingly suicidal.
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