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October 30th, 2006, 03:56
"Island Adventures: Horns of Craven," "Island Adventures: Color of Light," and "Darkness Over Daggerford." Also, have written a fair amount of dialogue for the final Island Adventures mod that might make an appearance in NWN2. However, not doing anything with NWN or NWN2 at the moment. I'm scared of the NWN2 system requirements, so I'm actually doing the incredible: catching up on a lot of PS2 RPGs (oxymoron) from the past few years, like FFX, Dragon Quest 8, etc. Fun stuff, but certainly not inline with the best of PC RPGs, like Gothic, BG2, Fallout, Arcanum, etc. Gonna play Gothic 3 as soon as I can afford an upgrade… probably after the Holidays.

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