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July 24th, 2007, 04:28
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Sorry, but the weight of evidence is actually in favor of Biblical archaeology. The great flood is recounted in the histories of many civilizations for example. There is NO evidence to disprove the book of Genesis, while there IS archaeological evidence to prove much of it. Still, where is your solid, scientific evidence for evolution? Where is the 'missing link', why is it still not happening? You need to examine both sides of the issue with an open mind as I have!!
While the science of evolution might be disputable in the context of pro-con biblical references, the fact that evolution as basic genetic science exists is as clearly true as things like quantum mechanics and crystal lattice structures and the like - things that have been able to be seen in laboratory settings for many years that were simply theory before.

So I guess I am saying that you can argue logically about whether the entire basis of our planet is based on evolution, but calling the science of evolution based on genetics a theory is like calling calculus a theory.

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