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July 24th, 2007, 08:59
The problem I see with the Theory of Evolution is the fossil record. The idea was that we'd all start digging, find a bunch of fossils, and those would substantiate the theory, right?

But for some reason a lot of the fossils we were expecting to find are missing. Where's all the good in-between stuff? Where's the all the fish with the half-legs, the pigs with the half-wings, etc., stuff that would clearly indicate the process of animals evolving? Some have been found here and there, but shouldn't we have found a lot more by now?

Maybe it's me, but I get a little nervous whenever anybody starts insisting that their claims are facts. I remember when they started putting people in jail based on DNA evidence. Back then it was supposed to have been incredibly accurrate. So if DNA evidence said someone was guilty, you had to be pretty stupid not to believe they were guilty.

But today a lot of those people are being released from prison as a result of better science. The original DNA facts were depicted as virtually certain. The new ones are being depicted that same way again now.

I suppose judges are accepting the new facts, and that's not surprising. We're all supposed to accept new facts if we don't want to be considered stupid. On the other hand, it turns out that the folks who doubted the old new facts weren't so stupid after all. When it comes to science, sometimes you just have to get lucky with new facts, apparently.

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