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July 24th, 2007, 18:04
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Really, how about if the "experts" regularly kill the ways out in the name of profit. How come there are no workable electric cars, how come America does not have a workable train system, how come there are a very limited number of trolleys in major American cities, how come we have giant SUVs with low gas mileage.

There is too much invested in being the "expert" source of what we should do, which comes down to invest in corn ethanol, a giant dead end, invest in coal, more pollution, prepare for more nuclear power plants in the future— suck up all our water resources for nuclear power plants, go for more pie in the sky.

The more expensive the solution, the more the pundits talk about it. You don't see government saying look we have a cheap way to do this, cheaper than gasoline, or we could do the following to make energy cheaper, carbon less impactful.

You never hear our energy plan say, refurbish our hydroelectric plants so they are more efficient, build more landfill gasification plants, expand waste to energy systems to reduce pollution and provide clean energy, you never hear anyone say geothermal is cheap non-intermittent and probably a more reliable source of energy than solar, expand wind energy it is the fastest growing alternative energy source, invest in wave turbines — they have the potential to provide a permanent offshore non-intermittent source of power.

You hear pie in the sky nonsense— hydrogen energy sometime in our far future will have cars that are perfect. The experts are pushing nonsense so they can make the dollar roll along. Where is the push for biodiesel made from waste feeds, old frier oil, and vegetable oil. Biodiesel is a far more reliable source of energy than ethanol. Instead you watch milk prices go through the roof and corn prices become expensive because ADM and General Mills are making profits on an unreliable source of energy.

The experts don't want to invest in alternatives. Exxon has stated they are an oil company nothing else. The same goes for most of the big energy companies. This year a renewable portfolio standard of 20% renewable energy by 2020 was killed in congress because it was too expensive for southern state power companies in the United States. They flatly stated they did not want to invest in alternative because it was too expensive.

Pay more attention to your experts…

Here is a nice little bitty piece on carbon emissions, you might not like the source, but industry doesn't want carbon caps until at least 2015
Oh, this will be fun. I'll try and work my way thru each question.
#1- Mass transit generally fails in the US due to it being unreliable and inconvenient. Routes and stations are generally determined by pencil neck politicians who have no interest in the needs of the consumer.
#2- You have huge SUVs because people buy them. Lots of them.
#3- You don't hear about buying/upgrading existing technology because it's not cost effective to do so. For example, gas prices could be significantly reduced by the addition of a new refinery (existing US refineries are running 104% rated capacity IIRC), but environmental laws have made it prohibitively expensive to construct a new one. Protecting the environment is good. The cost? $3.00 a gallon. Nothing is free, folks.
#4, 5, and 6- Alternative sourcing is also a nice idea, but again it comes down to dollars and cents. Do you spend a billion dollars developing and constructing new sources when you have viable and functional sources already online? At some point, the cost analysis says yes, but apparently we ain't there yet. And let us not forget that someone is going to pay for that billion dollars up front. Did I hear you sign up to double your electric bill for the next few years to fund a new, green nuclear power plant, which by the way, we'll be building just down the street from your house since you're so supportive of the idea? At some point, enough people will be willing to agree to that deal that it will happen. Until then, it will seem like some evil corporation is putting a lid on a magical fix to all our energy problems.

Not aiming at you personally, but it all comes down to this: "Open your wallet or shut your mouth". I sympathize with the whole green movement, but somehow they always seem to forget their checkbook.

Sorry. No pearls of wisdom in this oyster.
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