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July 24th, 2007, 22:08
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But if we wait for another 100 years of solar data and Gore's right, many of our coastal cities will be under water, millions of people will have died or been driven from their homes and it will be too late to do anything about it..
Now this is is a fable and can simply be proven: put some ice cubes in a glass of water and see it it gets to a higher level after they melted.

What is true is that it's a good thing that people care about the environment now. Although the global warming thing is not caused by men alone and I don't give us even a big impact on it, we do have an impact.

About the evolution thing: Not so long ago it has been discovered that 'c' (speed of light) is not the constant we always presumed it was. The speed of light would have been higher at the Big Bang and has got smaller since then. With this aspect in mind, our theory of the correct date of the big bang might be much closer to our existence then we presumed so far. Btw, don't forget that it was the catholic church that pushed the idea of the Big Bang.

Evolution doesn't work so simple as one thinks now. Otherwise the marriage of a smart man with a smart woman would lead to the birth of a smart child. Survival of the fittest is an oversimplification which is today not widely accepted anymore. There are many more roads in evolution, the the theories we knew of till some decades ago.

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