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October 30th, 2006, 12:45
Modding for NWN was fun. I was lead designer of a NWN PW called The Moonshae Isles based very heavily on the Forgotten Realms novels by Douglas Niles.

Ok, hobbies…Well, like Lord Alex, writing is my main hobby, though I hope to branch out into a career as a computer gaming magazine editor or I could somehow break into the computer game development biz. Meh, who knows. Currently, I'm enjoying writing for and I also enjoy fishing, skiing (though I haven't been in a while) and reading sci-fi and fantasy. I'm currently reading a great sci-fi book called Magic Time: Ghostlands which is set in a post-apocolyptic very near future where those who survived are "changed" in various ways. Some can even harness magic or take on the form of dragons. Plus there's this nationwide EMP that renders everything electrical useless. Anyway, anything post-apocolyptic is cool, am I right Mad Max/Fallout fans?

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