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July 25th, 2007, 11:24
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I have always thought stuff like that as religion. People put their faith on science that it will som miracelous way always save them, no matter how bad they screw up things. Its a perfectly good excuse to do anything (like been ignorant) just like belief to god was in dark ages.
The structure and philosophy behind religion and science is completely different.

Our education system is founded on whats verifiable. As an aspiring student you are forced to go through old results and try them for yourself to verify their validity to see that it's likely true. You do this to learn that you should never trust something which is not verified multiple times.
There are no such thing as Japanese Science or Swedish Science, it's all the same. All the large universities in the western world are founded on the same discoveries. When a new discovery is made, highly educated people from all over the world will look into the claim and verify if it holds solid or not. As a scientist you do not make a claim unless you have tried it enough times to eliminate every possible angle of it. You will then be torched and torn inside out by highly intelligent and supremely educated people from all around the globe.
If your claim is proven false by someone else, if you have been sloppy or if you have made a lie, you risk your entire career, therefore you never make a claim you havnt tested and that you cannot back up with more evidence than is required.

In religion you are expected to have faith. You are also told that knowledge is bad and not listen to anybody else because they are the devil. Looking into or questioning faith is unethic and in many places around the globe punished by death.
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