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October 30th, 2006, 19:12
Hobbies.. Hmm - Alot to talk about.

I have some important hobbies in my life - those who doesn't change with time. Such as: Politics [It's a must in Arabia, with all the stuff goin' on], Love [I've been loving one girl for like 4 years..], Swimming [Been swimming since i was like 8 years old], and PC of course.

PC: I love RPGs/MMORPGs, especially Gothic(s), and Dungeon Siege. Also some RTS games like "Warcraft" - I'm a big fan of this. But that's not all on PCs - I have a hobby on Scripting with diffrent types/langages, I used to spend 2-3 hours on reading diffrent tutorials on scripting languages [HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP..etc] untill i was addicted to WoW - Which showed the bad side of my PC hobby.

-Politics: As it's known, Arabia is living through wages of War & discrimnation, And it's also known how much of a bad image Arabia has to the outer-world [Terrorism, Racism..etc] - So I think it's our duty as the new generation to spread the Truth & Facts (atleast - Our belives). I hope we'll change something in future.

-Swimming: Nothing to tell about it - But something weird on me which is I'm not a Sport(s) Fan at all, but I'm a Swimming Lover.

-Love: 1 day before yesterday I met a girl I liked when i was 11 years old, but due to living locations and other stuff I wasn't able to see her untill that Day, she's grown up of course - Grew more beautiful, She did light the fire again in my heart (!!).. And in the mean-time i'm trying to find a way to be able to see her more often. I simply love&honor her.

Hope I did the most little number of spelling mistakes.
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