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August 14th, 2007, 23:06
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Well, it's a rather grandiose(and over-used) parallel, I agree. As I mentioned, the article itself is by a journalist, and typically, the sentence he quoted was the only reference in the 14 page report that referred to Rome per se; it is a report primarily about fiscal irresponsibility and aging government, and it's main thrust is to point out that America needs smarter, more responsible leadership from the grass roots level to Washington. I imagine no one can argue with that.
I can.

The "grassroots" — that is, everything up to the municipal and in many cases the state level — actually works rather well in the US. The real problems are at the federal level — that's where the closed political elite, the out-of-control government programs, the pork-barrel politics, and the corrupt lobbies are. All you have to do to solve them is to dissolve the union. ;-)

Incidentally, the Italians are in a similar situation, only worse. The difference is that Italy is a small country and therefore potentially easier to reform. So if you want to draw parallels, Rome in 2007 is a better place to look than Rome in 507.
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