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September 4th, 2007, 09:38
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It does, except for the fact that a limit should be set.

Can I marry a duck If I chose to? If I loved it with all my heart and share every moment of my life with it? Why shouldn't I? There is no purpose to limit it. Nobody should dictate what an individual does with their life, so long it doesn't harm others (If I can add something, or oneself).

Yes, the norm is that a human being shouldn't marry a duck. Why ? Because it isn't natural. The same, I believe that homosexuality isn't natural. I don't believe people who are gay should be shunned by the community, but I also don't believe they should get married, at least not in the traditional sense.
A civil contract is fine, but a marriage is not.
No, Pladio. If we look at marriage from the legal/contractual point of view, we define it is a binding contract freely and knowingly entered into by all parties concerned. A duck is not a rational being, and therefore not capable of forming contracts. Therefore, you can't marry a duck (or, to be precise, a duck can't marry you).

Second, "because it isn't natural" isn't a reason; it's a cop-out (cf. "Goddidit.")
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