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September 4th, 2007, 10:40
Marriage is open to any combination of sexes in my country (as long as there are only 2). The same goes for adoption.
Marriage is a legal contract. People who want to get married in church got to have two ceremonies. A legal marriage and the one in church. A religious marriage gives you no legal rights at all.
You are required by law to take care of each other once you are married, and a default situation dealing with ownership of goods is described as well (from which you can deviate with a document before you get married).
That is basically it. It's easy to get married and easy to get divorced (although a bit expensive).
Unmarried people that are living together would need a lot of paperwork to get to the same legal position as married people do, so getting married to make things easier is a common thing to do.
Love has nothing to do with marriage as love is not a legal issue.

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