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Default Fallout 3 - Interview @ Gametap

September 5th, 2007, 08:53
Game distribution service Gametap has an interview on Fallout 3 with lead designer Emil Pagliarulo. The conversation starts out talking about Emil's work on the Dark Brotherhood in Oblivion and then moves on to F3 topics:
GameTap: One of the most memorable parts of Fallout was the fact that you could convince the last boss to kill himself. This is part of a larger aspect of Fallout, in that you could conceivably finish the game without killing anyone. Without spoiling anything, would it be accurate to say that Fallout 3 maintains this tradition—that the endgame can be done without violence?
Emil Pagliarulo: How do you know there is an end boss, huh? Huh?!
OK, letís assume for a second that there is an end boss. And Iím a master of verbal manipulation. Will I be able to use these skills to my advantage, to maybe defeat my opponent without lifting a finger? You can count on it.
Now, thatís not to say you can talk your way through the entire game without ever engaging in combat. The Capital Wastelandís a dangerous place, so youíre going to have to defend yourself at some point. But within the quests, and several other places, yeah—you can talk your way through, if youíve got the skill.
In other Fallout 3 news, German site has a preview.
More information.
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