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Default Should there be love and marriage for all people (over legal age)?

September 6th, 2007, 17:37
Originally Posted by JemyM View Post
Hmm. "Restrict people's freedom" to "form contracts". Restricting your freedom is the whole point with a contract.
Are you being intentionally obtuse, or genuinely stupid?

You sign certain agreements which you cannot break as long as the contract is valid, and there are agreements that are automaticly invalid. For example, you are not allowed to write a contract that agree that someone else own you.
Which has exactly what to do with my question?

Having said that, the issue I have with a marriage contract is not the contract in itself. Anyone can make a contract. The issue I have with a marriage contract is the things that the government need to pay if you break it. This is different depending on which country you live in but over here it offers things like free councelling and help with sorting things out after a divorce. I think that marriage/divorce is too simple for so much support afterwards.
In that case, don't you think you should be arguing against the state's responsibility to provide free counseling etc. rather than arguing against marriage?
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