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September 7th, 2007, 18:56
Should love, whether same sex or opposite sex be recognised? Whether you want to call it marriage, union, bonding ceremony or anthing else, should a union between people of the same sex be recognised and the same legal standing given to same sex unions and opposite sex unions?
I see no problem here. It is vital to recognize all the long term relationships. All people are said to be equal and have the right to pursue happiness and love. In addition a married couple will earn certain govermental benefits. Ethically and financially thinking all the long term relationship must be acknowledged, otherwise it sets different people in unequal position.

If the main argument for marriage to only be between a man and woman so they can bear offspring, does that mean people with no intention to have children should not be able to marry?
Marriage and kids.some couples don't want kids and some can't have kids. this is not a good argument if you ask me. Adoption is a whole other matter, not marriage related.

If marriage is a legal right for opposite sex couples, should there be restrictions? For example, if someone is in jail for rape/murder, should they be able to marry during the term of their imprisionment? Should they have to wait until they get out of jail to enjoy marriage as they have been put in jail for ruining someone elses life?
I don't understand in the first place why would anyone get married while in jail.
sorry i don't really know. I quess it is a question how much is it right to limit one's freedom.

Should there be a waiting period (eg. have to be dating for a certain period, or living together for a certain period) to be able to marry?
No, If someone met a girl in his dreams and wanted to get married in Las vegas asap. Who is anyone to judge that decision? Or if me and my gf are living together and not getting married soon. Such waiting perioid proves nothing nor will predict anything. Imo its good to get to know other person better and live together under the same roof and share the same bed before jumping on the altar. Marriage is not a step to be taken lightly. Nonetheless unions fail. Its human emotions at the end. Though chances are better if both of you know eachother's ins and out..just having the knowledge that don't hate his/her mug at the morning is a remarkable thing

I hope other people have questions (or answers) about love and marriage.
Obviously the responses could centre around the church, religion, ethics, personal beliefs, cultural beliefs and other things that people feel very strongly about, so please be considerate of other people's opinions and be nice when posting.
Marriage is a contract of two people who promise to love eachother. I don't see it sacred or anything. You only need to look at the divorce rates to figure that out. And loving someone and getting married with someone is not the same thing. Can love exist outside marrige? yes. Can marrige exist without love? yes. Weddings are beautifull and I always wish happiness for the groom and bride, but its naive and false to think that priest's amen/ registeration in the city office etc would make your relationship any better. It does not. I'm not saying marriage wouldn't mean anythin to me, only that people have false expectations.
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