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September 9th, 2007, 01:45
I've liked the series ever since I was small which is why I rented all the Highlanders except the ones I saw on TV. The second and the fifth are just horrible movies. The third is quite nice and the fourth gives Duncan a role in the movies.

The only problem is they always find a way to make it so that there are more immortals remaining while at the end of every movie there's only one

Oh, and I saw Rogue Assassin today at the theater, very mediocre action movie, the sword fighting is quite nice, but I knew almost everything that would happen in every scene. The story is quite bad. I'd give it a 60% on my movie scale.
Good action scenes
Actors are fine

Classical Action movie
People survive bullets straight in the face.
Getting a katana in the arm doesn't make people weaker or faint.
Very bad ending and most of the story
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