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September 18th, 2007, 17:44
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My answer would be that people eat more shrimp because shrimp is less costly and more available. especially as it's promoted and advertised more by restaurants.
A supply-based explanation, then. Are you an economist by any chance?

I personally eat less of it because I'm on a quest for local self-sufficiency and it all comes from the Far East, a place where we spend too many dollars and where we have no control over production.
I find the idea that this means something profound quite interesting.
Then funny thing was that something about the observation "clicked" with my own experiences about the differences between living in the US and Europe. For example, Americans demand (and get) far better service from businesses, whereas Europeans tend to hunker down and queue, if that's what it takes.

Similarly, a dynamic economy implies a society that's quick to notice and exploit business opportunities — and demand-driven business opportunities are a lot easier to exploit than supply-driven business opportunities. One common criticism of my country is that even though we're good at innovating and engineering, we're lousy at turning the innovations into commercially successful products — i.e., we're good at managing, improving, and optimizing supply, but lousy at recognizing and exploiting demand.
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