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September 18th, 2007, 19:35
I don't think you're alone in the services wait; when I moved it took almost four hours to get all my utilities transfered to my new address, I've spent hours on the phone with A.T.&T. billing trying to correct problems, I worked for a big box warehouse store where people routinely went through weeks of snafus and delays to obtain a special order item(not because of product availability but because of customer service issues) etc.

However, many of us do tend to rant and get pissed off about it, e-mail corporate headquarters and write our congressman rather than meekly accept it all, I agree.

I can't speculate about the economics driver on this; I am thinking it's more of a labor issue. Customer service is only as good as the people offering it, which means training issues, motivation, etc. Of course, low pay and regarding your payroll as the first item to cut to maximize profit or reduce loss is indeed economic.

Yes, you're right on the queue thing, I think I was flashing on a short story I read from a collection by women writers in the soviet bloc(years ago) which described the 12 hour ordeal of buying a banana.

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