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September 18th, 2007, 23:24
a mirror at least implies a person has enough intelligence to respond and understand what the person talking to them said. whether or not care is a smoe or an honesty guy has never bothered me. its amazing how effective though the media machine can turn a no worse than anyotherpolitician into a complete duchebag though.

about 3 years ago, not to long before the 2004 election i was at a friends house who definately didn't vote for kerry or any of his family (my friends) when i was watching some pool (billards) being played and pulled a book off the bookshelf. it was a 70's college book with some political essays or such. in that book though was a great anti-war essay from none other than john kerry. up until the primaries i didn't even know who john kerry was, but after that book i gained a respect for him and knew that i would vote for him. unfortunately most peoples opinons of "the man" are based on heresy. blowhard howard dean made kerry seem much more middle ground compared to him when in fact i'm sure he would end the war if he had the chance. he may not have made a great president who knows but he certainly was a good canidate in my opinion.

oh and by the way kerry actual "kept talking" by saying he wanted to respond to the disrupters question. why are people not focusing on the idiotic florida police. if i recall theres been at least 1 other incident with them tasering children which is even more outrageous. but i guess in the game of politics you get to throw bigger stones.
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