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September 19th, 2007, 01:54
you could be right about his motives. he as after all from the same stock as our current president. his character though seems eschelons above, although i'm sure if i spent enough time i would uncover truthful things about him that would probably make me like him a whole lot less. but screw kerry anyhow, i'm focusing my hopes on obama

and i have the utmost respect for all veterens, for risking their lives for our country even though i personally am against war and its means. both my grandfathers were in the navy and my mom and dad were in the army (my mom was in the reserves 10 years and served 6 months in kentucky in 2003). all except for my living grandfather are life long donkeys. i think people would be suprised if they saw the nonexistent statistics on veterans who were actually anti-war, even in todays world where there is no draft and the servicemen and women are far from an average sampling of the population in either beliefs or talents.
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