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September 19th, 2007, 14:40
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I recently heard that - as I read - convertists tend to be more abnd rather extreme in their religious beliefs than people who have "grown up" in that religion.
This piece of text occurred during the arrestment of several wannabe-terrorists here in Germany, only one or two weeks ago.
Some of them seem to be convertists, actually, as the press wrote.
I think that's rather natural, really. If you're born into a religion, most likely it'll just become a part of your identity as a matter of course; you won't really have to make any huge effort of will to examine and accept what it represents and teaches. OTOH converting into (or out of) a religion is a huge psychological effort, often a life-changing crisis even. That means that you will be very deeply committed to the principles of whatever screed you end up espousing.
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