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September 19th, 2007, 18:13
yes, but at least gore is made out of recycled cardboard now. i voted for nader in 2000 anyhow…

much like Prime Junta feeling we "needed" bush to be reelected i felt a simlar way in 2000. while i didn't write anything i expressed it many times to my friends that bush would win anyhow and thought i might vote for him just to make it sure it happened. the country seemed in a lackidasical state of unconcerdness and only someone as vile as bush would bring about protest and change. of course i had no idea how bad everything would turn out, but like others have said i think there has hopefully been lessons learned. specifically being a last year gen-x-er i think there hadn't been any world events to truly test the will and character of our poor souls.
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