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September 20th, 2007, 01:55
nor do i Bartacus, but you are forgeting that most of the country/world (though i personally never bought it) was conned by the administration into thinking iraq had nuclear capabilities which was plenty justification to go to war for some. world war to had plenty of atrocieites as well on the allied side even though the war itself was obviously justified. to me the joke is saying that any war that takes civilian lifes as "colateral damage" is acceptable. as i pointed out other wars people didn't have a choice as wether or not to go to war, it simply was. so i'm not sure that makes them any nobler for going than someone in recent times who did so for other reasons besides facing arrest if they didn't. also plenty of iraq veterans have served and then become anti-war protestors upon return. doesn't that give them more or at least equal respect than someone who may have been against the war but has not had to experience it first hand. life gives everyone different cards and i try not to judge someone based on their past, instead looking at what they are striving for now and the future seems be more understanding. sure they are plenty of "sick" people in the military, who will take needless lives and torture people. but they are a minority, and are also simliar kind in everyday life.

to me risking ones life for their beliefs is noble. its the taking of other lifes for beliefs i have the problem with. there are plenty of people in the military who never will engage a "hostile".

and i guess i shouldn't be upset that you basically insulted my entire family by your response to a portion of my comment…my mom is probably the hardest working person on the planet though so i doubt theres much that could phase my respect for her.

*a homeboys rant*
i personally don't quote other peoples comments {on these boards} since just like the media, it dissects the whole, and usually implies the person quoting usually isn't listening to the entire portion but focusing there narrow response on a narrow portion. but in purely informational posts i suppose it has its merits.
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