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Default And so Al-Qaida turns against Sweden

October 2nd, 2007, 22:07
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Just want to say something about this.
It's something I believe and except if you can show me facts it isn't like this or a real good argument then I don't think you'll be able to change my mind.
You do not need to be a terrorist to be against democracy and freedom of speech.

550 swedish muslims in the small city of Uppsala demonstrated against freedom of print, a part of the swedish constitution.
As another reaction, Organization of the Islamic Conference, representing 57 muslim countries, condemned the cartoons and demanded an apology.
The Egyptian ambassador urged for Sweden to change their constitution, alter their school system so that students and journalists respect Islam and finally they wanted the swedish government to open a department that specifically focus on fighting "Islamophobia".

Several of my classmates are immigrants from muslim countries and all of them are not exactly friendly to Islam. I am currently reading the Quran myself. I would not say that I consider radical extremist muslims worse as neighbors than the extremist christians, but if they are, I know what drives them. Quaran is a brainwashing tool. Already book 2 consists of 250 passages why thoose who do not follow the Quaran are fools/lost/sheep/blinded etc. The main difference between the two religions is that there's currently no real christian teocracy.
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