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October 3rd, 2007, 10:52
I believe it's also a cultural thing. One of the arguments the muslims had was that in their culture (we have to respect other pepole's culture IMO, at least to a point) you don't depict dead pepole out of repect for them. And you certanly don't offend dead pepole, since they can't here to defend themselves. And consider the fact that muslims think the Prophet is holy, it's not weird that they're offended by a PICTURE of him, and not only a picture, but a highly offensive picture of him. We don't have that kind of culture here in the west (pepole portray Jesus all the time, especially Christians), and therefore we have a hard time understand that argument (at least I have, and I doubt I am the own). But (I believe) the reason they're so highly offended by it is a cultural thing more than anything else (and maybe the fact that this particular picture isn't the least funny, it's just bluntly offensive).


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