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October 3rd, 2007, 12:08
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So threatening people with murder is just a consequence of the world not being perfect? And failing to understand how that works is really dumb?
Not a consequence. A feature.

Suppose you walk into a Hell's Angels clubhouse and yell "Bikers are fags!" and subsequently get beaten to death with a tire iron. Courageous or dumb? I say dumb.

Al Qaeda are much like the Hell's Angels, only more ideological. Going out of your way to insult them is dumb.

I honestly don't get it. Sometimes your sympathies are about as easy to understand as your conclusions, Prime Junta. If putting a price on someone's head isn't going too far, then where do you draw the line?
Of course it's going too far.

It isn't nice to antagonize people about their religion. But terrorism is criminal, plain and simple.
I agree entirely.

Squeek, just a question — you quite frequently respond to my postings, and when I try to engage you, you withdraw into a corner to sulk, sometimes with a nice little insult thrown in. Do you, or do you not, want to talk with me? If you want to talk, I'm always ready, but your passive-aggressive stance makes it… un-fun, and unlikely to get anywhere fast.
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