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October 4th, 2007, 01:18
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its to bad the poll didn't address this (see link) topic as clinton and obama are not the same on many things as the poll would have you believe. nuclear weapons—the biggest death penalty of them all!…XVdlU16e9kM3wV

dispite me not sharing many of obama's views hes still the best one of the job in my view.
That's an interesting clip, c.u. It sounds like Obama is trying to get more specific and detailed about his goals and that's good. I like a great deal of what he has to say. Disarmament seems to have become less and less of a high profile issue since the end of the Cold War here, and I agree with you, it would make more sense and be a lot more relevant to find out about where the candidates are on this issue than how they feel about gay marriage. To me that's a media-made issue, while disarmament is unavoidably real.

Maybe you (or anyone) could clarify this one:

…Obama also said he would depoliticize U.S. intelligence services by making the head of intelligence a four-year appointment.
I would think that would make it more political, (i.e., in and out with the appointer and his party) not less. I must be missing something.

@mudsling3—Ron Paul was in the news with a "surprise" type story last night for raising more money than most of the other Republicans including several of the front runners.

Where there's smoke, there's mirrors.
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